Hedmark Genealogical Society ends its activities

Organizationally, the Hedmark Genealogical Society has not started again after the pandemic. Activity was also reduced in the last few years before the pandemic. Most of our local members showed little interest in active participation. We have no recruitment, no new members have appeared in recent years, and there have been no changes in the board. The society's journal has not been published after 2015. The latest is that our opportunity for monthly working meetings at the premises of the State Archives in Hamar has fallen away.

The board has invited the members to a discussion about the society's future. The conclusion after this is, unfortunately, that today's digital possibilities in the field of family research overshadow our analogue activities. We have therefore decided to work towards a controlled shutdown of the society, and have started with a review of our archives and the office's equipment and inventory, including older computer equipment. The alternatives are to call for a related organisation to take over or to find a no-charge storage space for the archives until heirs are found. Old computer equipment is thought to have little value in this context.

The website hedmarkslekt.no and the email address post@hedmarkslekt.no will be kept open by the webmaster until further notice.


Our old website

Our old website with subpages contains a lot of interesting information.
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Please note that the old pages have not been updated in relation to the decision to end the team's activities.

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Contact information:

Name: Hedmark Slektshistorielag
(Hedmark Genealogical Society)
Postal Address:
Zip code and town:
Gålåsvegen 185
NO-2320 Furnes
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Zip code and town:
Brovollvegen 70
NO-2345 Ådalsbruk
Telephone: +47 9056 5905
Email: post@hedmarkslekt.no
Bank account: 1822.05.36676 (Norway)
Norwegian Official
Organisation Number:
985 638 063


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