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The objective of Hedmark Genealogical Society ("Hedmark Slektshistorielag" in Norwegian) is to promote the interest in the field of genealogy and encourage people with such interests to connect and co-operate to achieve better results and get further in their efforts to trace family ties and roots. The society was founded in 1939 and then revitalized in 1996 after some years of almost no activity.

The society covers the area of the old Hedmarken Fogderi, today the city of Hamar (including the former municipality of Vang) and the neighbouring muncipalities of Stange, Ringsaker and L ten. We will also help people seeking genealogical information from othe part of Hedmark county by connecting them to similar organisations in those areas. You may like to visit our link list to search for these resources yourself.

The Hedmark Genealogical Society has about 200 members. We have an office at The Norwegian Emigrant Museum close to Hamar but most work is volutary and carried out at home computers. Workshop meetings for members are held monthly (September-April) at the regional branch of the Norwegian State Archives in Hamar where more experienced members are assisting others in finding their way through the library of old sources. An ongoing activity is also to computerize important sources of information such as church books and historical documents describing people and families from our geographical area. The society publishes a yearly Norwegian language periodical.



As we are ending the team's activities, we are not accepting new members. If you want to help cover our deficit, you may send an amount of your choice to our bank account 1822.05.36676. Comments and questions may be sent to our email address post@hedmarkslekt.no


About our Home Page

Most of our pages are in the Norwegian language only. More translated pages will hopefully be added in the future. For now this introduction page, the contact page and the contact form have English versions. All other menu links and text links are pointing to pages in Norwegian. The English flag on all pages will bring you back to this introduction page.

If you need help interpreting information given on our pages, if you have other comments or if you want to become a member, please send us an e-mail. If you write in English we will reply to you in English.


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Name: Hedmark Slektshistorielag
(Hedmark Genealogical Society)
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Gålåsvegen 185
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Telephone: +47 9056 5905
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Bank account: 1822.05.36676 (Norway)
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985 638 063


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